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Dan’s Books on Guitar Repair

Guitar Player Repair Guide 3rd Edition
New in this 3rd edition, the content is organized for you based on your skill level:
Basic if you’re not handy with tools.
D.I.Y. if you’re a do-it-yourselfer.
Deep if you’re ready to go further.

There’s a free DVD included, too:
How to evaluate a guitar before buying.
How to set your intonation
How to install strings without damaging your acoustic guitar’s bridge.

Printable repair forms on the DVD
Printable PDF files are on the disc. They’re also downloadable for free: click here.

How to Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great!
The title tells the story. Lots of setup tips, guidance and specs!

Gibson’s Fabulous Flattops
A collaboration with my cousin David Vinopal and my friend Eldon Whitford. You can find it on Amazon.

Trade Secrets, Book 1&2
My brother Tom and I created Trade Secrets pages in the StewMac catalog for years, and compiled them in this set. (We're back at it with the new Trade Secrets e-mail newsletter today!)

Guitar Finishing, Step-by-Step
Don MacRostie and I created this for StewMac. Includes color photos of favorite finishes, and color charts to help you achieve them.

FretWork, Step-by-Step
Written for StewMac, this is a thorough explanation of fretting using step-by-step photos.