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Guitar Repair Services

Fretwork Services & Fees

We conduct our fretwork up to a standard, not down to a price. Our fees are based on the amount of care, time and concern spent on the work, and for our many years of experience. 


We do all of our re-fretting in the neck jig, with results so perfect that very little leveling is required, and only the slightest “kissing” of the tops is needed.

  • Re-fret $450
  • Fret Level & Dress $235* 
  • Loose Frets Some guitars or basses need their frets glued in place before leveling. This can add from $30 to $50 to the fee.

Jobs Related To Fretwork

  • Replace Nut with Bone (or material of your choice): $135
  • Setup: $30 — $100 (Depending on what is involved, i.e. bridge or bridge saddle replacement, bridge saddle radiusing, parts that need cleaning, etc.).

NOTE: Some nuts (especially newer Gibson guitars and imports) are heavily lacquered and must be removed very carefully to avoid damaging the surrounding finish. We can lacquer the ends of the new nut into the surrounding finish for an additional fee of $40.

Packing Fees on Shipped Guitars

  • $15 to unpack and store box 
  • $15 to pack to ship  

Estimates on all other repair work available upon request


Email: danerlewine@gmail.com
Phone: (740) 541-7010

If you’re shipping a guitar to Dan’s shop, download these free pages from Chapter 17 of The Guitar Player Repair Guide for details on the safe way to ship your guitar!

Use this information from Chapter 17 of the Repair Guide to help you when you’re shipping a guitar for repairs.
Download (PDF, 364k)
For more free printable forms from the Repair Guide, click here.