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Guitar Repair Workshops

Since I built my new, larger shop four years ago, I have been holding small group workshops with several of my guitar repair colleagues who are experts in their fields. After some four or five workshops, I’ve decided to make this a regular event throughout the year. We had a very successful workshop in November 2019 — with Ian Davlin demonstrating top-shelf touchup with brushes, airbrush, stains, pigments, and solvents. Because that workshop was such a success, and because some people had to be turned away due to the shop size limit, we are holding a similar workshop the weekend of Feb 22/23. All previous workshop attendees (our fledgling mailing list) will be notified by email of every workshop. For info on scheduling, cost, and accomodations, email me at: Danerlewine@gmail.com.

The upcoming February “Finish Touch Up for Guitar Repair” workshop will again be at my shop in Athens, Ohio. Attendees will be working hands-on with practical Martin-style touchups, including veneering and epoxy putty techniques with pigments and dyes from homestead finishing, hands-on poly-style repair techniques with Gluboost CA products, hands-on advanced airbrushing techniques and demos of practical finish repair from Dan’s assortment of vintage guitars.

Come join us for two days of intensive, hands-on, guitar repair instruction.

Below are some photos from the November workshop: