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About Dan Erlewine

Dan Erlewine has made his living as a guitar repairman and builder since 1963, when he apprenticed at The Herb David Guitar Studio in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Since then he has owned and operated his own shop, under several names and in several locations: Erlewine Instruments in Ann Arbor (1969 — 1975); Dan Erlewine’s Guitar Hospital in Big Rapids, Michigan (1975 — 1986); and Dan Erlewine’s Guitar Shop in Athens, Ohio (1986 — present).

In 1984 Dan produced “Dan Erlewine’s Guitar Hospital” — a seven-volume series of videotapes on guitar repair, maintenance, and setup. In 2001 he produced “Dan Erlewine’s Guitar Shop” — an all-new DVD series on the same subjects. Dan was also the monthly repair columnist for Guitar Player Magazine for fifteen years, and a frequent contributor to Bass Player Magazine, Guitar Magazine, and Vintage Guitar Magazine. Dan is also the author of numerous books, including “Guitar Player Repair Guide,” “How To Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great,” and “Gibson's Fabulous Flattops," published by Hal Leonard.

Dan operates his current shop in Athens, Ohio, with his protege and partner of 15 years, Elliot John-Conry. Elliot also has his own shop immediately next door to Dan’s. Along with their apprentice, Adam Graham, they operate a guitar repair “tag team” skilled at all types and levels of guitar repair. “We think of ourselves as specialists in frets, nuts, bridges, adjustment, and setup — the heartbeat of any repair shop,” Dan says.

About Elliot John-Conry

Elliot John-Conry, who is the shop manager, started playing guitar and finding out what makes them tick while in 9th grade – well before he knew what his next door neighbor (Dan) was up to!  Now he’s 30 years old and has been working with Dan for 15 years. While apprenticing with Dan he also earned a bachelor's degree in fine arts from Ohio University. Elliot has an artist’s eye and touch, fused with strong technical skills as a mechanic, wood-worker, machinist, and welder. Elliot brings a lot to the table and is a repairman with experience far beyond his years.   

About Adam Graham

Dan and Elliot's shop apprentice is Adam Graham, a 44 year-old professional guitarist with a bachelor’s degree in music business from Valparaiso University. When his wife took an internship in psychology at Ohio University, Adam moved with her without a clue as to what he might do while in Athens. After a chance meeting, he “auditioned” for an apprenticeship position and it has worked out great. We’re glad to have such a fine player in our shop.