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Dan Erlewine | Albert King: Lucy

In 1971, Dan Erlewine built a guitar that will quickly become an iconic, intriguing and inspiring instrument known as “Lucy”.
Read the fascinating story behind Albert King’s legendary
Wallnut Flying V.

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Dan Erlewine | Jerry Garcia: Stratishcaster

Legend Jerry Garcia commisioned this quirky “Stratishcaster” made out of the same black wallnut as Albert King’s Lucy.
“In 1971, Jerry commissioned me to make this strat-style guitar from my Albert King stash of black walnut. He liked the numeral inlays that I had installed in one of my own guitars so that I’d never forget what fret I was at. It was a joke, but he liked it. ”

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Dan Erlewine | The Prime Movers

You might be cool but .. You may never be as cool as Dan Erlewine playing the (later to be) Bloomfield Burst in your band. Your drummer is a guy you nicknamed Iggy Pop …

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Dan Erlewine | His Story

You might be cool but .. You may never be as cool as Dan Erlewine playing the (later to be) Bloomfield Burst in your band. Your drummer is a guy you nicknamed Iggy Pop …

48 years ago today. Garcia playing monsterfret Dan Erlewine built guitar at a Thanksgiving jam. #gratefuldead #jerrygarcia #danerlewine #stewmac stewmac_guitar ...

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You know how when mixing fresh shellac you always end up with either a clump or a few pieces that won't dissolve? Here's a really simple solution.

​This week's #TipTuesday comes from Brock Poling (luthiersworkbench) on our marketing team.

​We're going to make a 2# cut side-by-side, the traditional way and a faster way.  The traditional way takes about 12 hours to dissolve, the faster way takes about 20-30 minutes.

​​1 oz. of fresh shellac flakes (in this case super blond flakes)
​1 oz. denatured alcohol (or in our case Everclear)

⭐ ​Step 1 - Weigh out 1 oz of shellac flakes on a kitchen scale
⭐ ​Step 2 - Grind the flakes in a coffee grinder
⭐ ​Step 3 - Add 8 oz of alcohol
​⭐ Step 4 - Use a magnetic stirrer ($15-$20 on Amazon)

​​It helps to use glassware that has a perfectly flat bottom.

​20-30 minutes later, the shellac is fully dissolved and ready to strain and use.

​Keep it in an air tight jar and it should last for about 6 months in a cool, dry shop.


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Did a safe distance hang with this fine fellow this evening for the first time in nearly 3 months. #guitarrepair #danerlewine ...

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Albert King and Lucy.
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Three decades later, Dan monsterfret and Bryan have re-teamed to reproduce Albert King’s iconic V, “Lucy”. To ensure these instruments not only look and feel the same, Dan used the last of his original Lucy wood to build one for joebonamassa and myself. Very happy to be a part of Dan and Alberts legacy.
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Thank you stewmac_guitar for years of satisfaction using your tools! And these are just the files... 😂 😃 🎸💪 ...

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crismasterbasses makes fret removal look like a piece of cake. 🍰 Nice work!


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Dan in 1979 #throwbackthursday

​The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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