Artist Replica

Built on Dan Erlewine original specs.

Dan Erlewine's Artist Replica 3

Dan Erlewine & Bryan Galloup

In the early 70’s Dan Erlewine built custom guitars for iconic guitarists that molded the sound of American pop culture. These one of a kind instruments were made to the specifications of the performers that was unique in style and sound.

Decades later Bryan Galloup joined Dan in his shop as an apprentice and together they continued building and repairing guitars in the Erlewine tradition.

Now three decades later, Dan and Bryan have re-teamed to reproduce two of these iconic instruments, the Albert King “V” and the Jerry Garcia Stratishcaster. All tone woods are sonically tested through Bryan’s patented Instrument Making Software™ to ensure these instruments not only look the same, the player will experience the same feel, weight and response of the original instruments.”